Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrifting etiQuette

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I’m using the ‘q’ in etiquette for my Q-word today. 

Have you ever heard of thrifting etiquette?  Something I want to ask rude thrifters, but don’t because I’m such a polite person they may be packing a gun.  Hey, you never know these days!

When we lived in Flagstaff, I’d go yard sale-ing nearly every Saturday.  I enjoyed getting up super early (which is a miracle for me!), hop in the car and go bargain hunting.  I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.  What will I find today?  Sometimes I’d come home with a lot and sometimes a little.  But regardless of what I came home with, I still felt satisfied—unless I got cut short by rain!

What I wasn’t, was rude.  Yes, I would dicker if I felt the item was priced too high for yard sale standards. Sometimes they’d let me have it, sometimes not.  No problem. 

Though I would get up early, I wasn’t an early bird standing on the street with my arms crossed, tapping my toes waiting for the sale to open.  And I definitely didn’t show up knocking on their door an hour before the sale.

Have you ever run into someone like that?  Their only quest is to get something for nothing at someone else’s expense.

There was one such woman with that reputation.  She’d show up the night before the sale wanting to look through the stuff (I know, because she did it to me when I had a yard sale.)  She would pull up in her car dangerously fast and park cockeyed in the street, even leaving her door open, not caring if she was blocking traffic or someone else from trying to leave.  She was just plain rude.  Wanting something for nothing.  

Having thrifting etiquette is waiting your turn.  You wouldn’t go cut the line at the theater or grocery store.  Same goes for yard sales.

Having thrifting etiquette is not leaving while the owner is busy.  It’s called…shoplifting, HELLO!  I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but unfortunately it happens all the time.  And it ticks me off!  It usually happens at the opening of a sale when the crowds are the thickest.  Sometimes they’re working alone.  But the sneaky ones work in pairs.  One distracts while the other walks off with the merchandise.  I’ve made it a point to keep on the lookout while I’m shopping and speak up if I see someone walking away without paying.  I don’t care if they are packing a gun!  ;)

Having thrifting etiquette is simply being polite and kind.  Don’t let your focus be so hard on the object of desire that you offend fellow sale-ers or those holding the sale, because I might just stick my foot out and trip you! nevermind!


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  1. Since I have shopped very few of these sales I had NO idea all this went on. Enjoyed reading this. Just shows: people inclined that way will act that way everywhere. They are probably rude even as guests. One thing I've noticed lately is a lot of the younger generation have not been TAUGHT good manners. See here you go again, Brenda, might have to blog on that one.....someday!!! ((hugs)) I enjoy these posts every morning because I feel like I get to "visit" with you. Bet you're already out thrifting this early morning :o)

    1. You're funny, Susan! Nope, I'm not out thrifting today. There's not much in our small town as far as thrifting goes, and the yard sale season hasn't started yet. Usually doesn't begin until mid-May, weather permitting. BUT I will be up in Colo Springs for a week and Look out everyone, here I come!
      Hey, btw, you won the giveaway at Angie's! That is so cool! I've just recently 'met' her, and she appears to be a very nice lady.

  2. i know--whenever i have held a yard sale, we will get people coming while we are setting up--hours before it is to start--and lots of people i find, think they can be rude at yard sales--good point

  3. You can see some crazy things at yard sales...and crazy people! Great advice! We need to use common sense! ♥

  4. Good grief!! I haven't yard saled since my kids were little, and I can imagine, as in everything else in this world, good behavior has gone downhill. Wish the guilty parties could see themselves in this!

  5. i am amazed at how some people behave. even myself, in extreme situations. hope she gets what she needs (a wake up call of her own? ha ha)

    last year i did blogging etiquette for q =)

    1. Oh good, Tara, I'm not the only one who used 'q' differently. I know that was probably against the rules, but I just couldn't come up with anything for the theme of this blog.


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