Sunday, April 22, 2012


A to Z Badge 2012 (1)touching hands  I am a toucher.  I can’t just look at something.  I have to touch it.  My sister pointed that out to me one day as we were shopping at the ARC thrift store.  I had never noticed myself doing that, but it’s true.  Even if I am the least bit interested in the item, I will either touch it or pick it up and check it out then put it back.  At a yard sale, I’ll reach out and touch as I’m passing by a table.  

When it comes to physical contact with people, I’d say I’m your average Joe. I’ll hug someone—well not anyone--but it’s not like I can’t live without it hugging.  {But I am not your average Joe when it comes to kissing.  DO NOT KISS ME!  (Fortunately for me, I’m safe here.)  Kissing is reserved for close family and no one else.  Not that I’d smack you or anything…just sayin’.

But back on the subject of touching.  Why the need to touch things?  Maybe it’s not a need per se.  Maybe it’s just a habit. 

Well, nothing to lose sleep over.  Just another one of my idiosyncrasies I guess.

(Ha!  You can tell I’m running out of steam on this challenge.  Thanks for humoring me!)

Have a great week!

My T-word here might be more interesting.



  1. Actually, Brenda, I think this is a very thought-provoking post. I know just what you mean about touching things and I share your "Hug heaps; kiss kin" philosophy. Sounds like you still have a full head of steam for these last seven days of the challenge!

  2. I'm a hugger too Brenda. I also can't walk down the "fuzzy blanket" aisle at Wal-Mart with out running my hand along them as I walk. lol

  3. i am not a toucher or hugger--but i do it lots haha

  4. This is interesting. I am a toucher too. I like to feel fabrics and the weight of things. But I like my distance with people I don't know. If I met you would be HUGGING time!

  5. I am definitely a hugger so when I see you I'll hug you!!!!


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