Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gotta have my fix

You’d think I died and went to thrifter’s heaven by the looks of this picture!  {I hear music, and I’m seeing a bright light:}dscn0393

We used to hit this GW once a week when we lived in Colorado Springs.  Grace would take a run at the giant blue balls trying to leap-frog over them when we went in and out.  She was too short then to be able to do it without help.  Wouldn’t you know it, this time she was tall enough only she was wearing a dress.


Just a sampling of treasures found.  Since we use cloth napkins rather than paper towels, I’m always on the lookout for them.  Two sets today.  A cute pink glass bunny dish going up for sale on Ebay.  A vintage yellow flowered valance that fits perfectly on a particular window in my kitchen.  Grace loves the Animal Ark book series.  Can’t beat them for 50 cents each.  A nice shirt for Sunny (not shown, another Tommy*Hilfiger shirt). 


Between several GW’s and the ARC thrift store I found about a dozen of these 8x8” scrapbook paper books.  Grace scored on a nice nightly devotional for young girls.dscn0427

Then there was the bag of costume jewelry I bought.  This I did buy on impulse, I’ll have to admit, thinking I could use it for my crafting.  There were a few things I could use, but Grace made out like a bandit with the bangles, necklaces and bracelets.dscn0431Every girl’s gotta have some bling, right?


My fix was satisfied!