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This is a 6"x 8" unlined blank, hardback journal.  It has ivory, mildly-rough fiber pages.


There is a fun story behind the making of this journal.  I found the vintage Progress Report Card in an old trunk.  The young boy named on the report card was from Kansas and, as you can see, did very poorly in nearly every subject including social skills.  He would have to be in his 50's now and probably works for NASA! 
The math and phonics flashcards I found at an antique market.  I've embellished with teal and black scrapbook paper, pale yellow ribbon, and cutouts from the original phonics cards saying "uh oh".
I have sanded the edges as well as dry-rubbed raw umber acrylic paint to give it a time-worn look, and then sealed the journal with two coats of Mod Podge.

This would make a great gift for a graduation or teacher's gift...or even just a nice back in the day memory journal!

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