Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seeing a pattern here?

One of my all-time favorite things to look for while out thrifting is vintage sewing patterns.  This seems a little odd especially since I don’t sew.  But I love this particular ephemera of days gone by. 

Sometimes I find little surprises inside the envelope that get me to reminiscing—a little piece of ric-rac or a swatch of green polka-dot material. 

I wonder to myself if whomever followed through and made the outfit, or did they start on it and then lay it aside?  Were they making it for themselves, or perhaps was it a mom teaching her daughter how to sew her first dress?  Did they try and copy the look on the envelope cover, or did they get creative with their material and embellishments?

Since I don’t sew, as mentioned above, I use my vintage patterns a little (or a lot) more unconventionally.  I like using them in my altered art projects.  It’s calming for me to work with this type of medium--in this case, repurposed clipboards.

I also enjoy collecting ric rac and vintage sewing notions such as the gold braid in this piece.  And don’t get me started on vintage buttons and costume jewelry!


Here’s the green polka-dot surprise I found in a pattern.  And remember fish-net stockings?  I thought I was something special when my mom bought me a pair of those!


I love this BoHo pattern.  PEACE and Flower Power were the order of the day back then!  I simulated the choker the gal on the left is wearing with a strip of purple velveteen, snaps and white ric rac. 


This is one of my favorite pieces.  A combination of ric rac and big buttons.  The clipboard is vintage as well.


What about you?  What is something that gets you to thinking back in the day?  I would love to know your story!

God bless,


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