Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Address

I have moved B.E. Creative Co. to HERE.  Same blog, different account.  Still tweaking!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Blocks

These miniature blocks have been fun to repurpose.  You can contact me directly if you’re interested in either set of ‘joy’ blocks or head over to my Etsy shoppe (see sidebar).

100_9634 100_9628




Merry CHRISTmas!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Crafting Calamities

By now you know I love working with paper.  Any kind of paper really—scrapbooking, old ledgers, sewing patterns, vintage magazines.

I mentioned before how I enjoy using torn paper, because me and measuring don’t work well together.  No matter how much I try, my measurements are nearly always off.  Frustrating.  So, I just tear it, glue it on and any accidents look like they were done on purpose (at least I hope so!)

But there are times some accidents can’t be redeemed.

For instance…

I am altering a school composition journal for my niece’s belated birthday.  I have picked out really cute scrapbooking papers.  (For this particular piece I am actually measuring, but this time it doesn’t have to be exact since I sand off the excess.)  I’ve got everything put together down to the vintage skeleton key tied up with a few strands of turquoise embroidery thread and placed on the orange polka-dot ribbon.  Turns out better than I anticipated. 

Then the unfortunate accident happens.  I know I should have left it well enough alone, but NO.

I’m really not this dumb, but this? this was d-u-m-b Dumb!  The already-glued-down ribbon’s ends were fraying a little, so I decided to take the gajillion-degrees heat gun to it.  Yep, dumb.

I proceeded to ‘fix’ the ribbon ends while at the same time burn about twenty pages of the journal.  I wondered why I kept smelling smoke!  Sheesh!

I tore the burned pages out thinking I saved it.  No one’s the wiser, right?  Whew.

The next morning I picked up the journal and another 10 pages fell out and, not noticing the night before, I had warped the front cover beyond repair.

I have started on another one and will post pics when I’m done.

{note to self:  buy fire extinguisher for under desk}

Care to share some of your crafting calamities so I can feel better about myself without spending a lot of money on therapy?



Thursday, June 21, 2012

ONE Sale

The biggie of yard sales was last Saturday in Colorado Springs.  It’s called the Old North End yard sale and includes approximately a 10-block radius.  It is located in the historic section just north of downtown.  Bee.u.ti.ful!

I know.  None of these pics are of actual yard sales with tables laden with merchandise waiting for…me.  But I figured if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, right?

I love how the morning shadows of the ornate rod iron fence played on the sidewalk.




One word—serenity.  But you know I can’t just stop at one word.  So…wouldn’t you love to curl up in that chair with a cup of tea (or coffee) and a good book?


My sis.  This was a ‘taking a pic backward and over my head’ shot.  Perfectly, imperfectly blurry.  Again, serene.


Our mom and aunt grew up with their grandparents in this house which was within the radius of the yard sales.  We took advantage of being there to capture these pictures of my sister Reva, oldest brother Jack, and Grace & I.



I’ll save showing my purchases for another post.  I didn’t want pics of what I bought to overshadow the beauty of the day—spending time with my family which not only included Grace and my sister, brother and his wife, but also my aunt and cousins as well as another cousin we’ve recently reconnected with.  I couldn’t ask for nicer day!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gotta have my fix

You’d think I died and went to thrifter’s heaven by the looks of this picture!  {I hear music, and I’m seeing a bright light:}dscn0393

We used to hit this GW once a week when we lived in Colorado Springs.  Grace would take a run at the giant blue balls trying to leap-frog over them when we went in and out.  She was too short then to be able to do it without help.  Wouldn’t you know it, this time she was tall enough only she was wearing a dress.


Just a sampling of treasures found.  Since we use cloth napkins rather than paper towels, I’m always on the lookout for them.  Two sets today.  A cute pink glass bunny dish going up for sale on Ebay.  A vintage yellow flowered valance that fits perfectly on a particular window in my kitchen.  Grace loves the Animal Ark book series.  Can’t beat them for 50 cents each.  A nice shirt for Sunny (not shown, another Tommy*Hilfiger shirt). 


Between several GW’s and the ARC thrift store I found about a dozen of these 8x8” scrapbook paper books.  Grace scored on a nice nightly devotional for young girls.dscn0427

Then there was the bag of costume jewelry I bought.  This I did buy on impulse, I’ll have to admit, thinking I could use it for my crafting.  There were a few things I could use, but Grace made out like a bandit with the bangles, necklaces and bracelets.dscn0431Every girl’s gotta have some bling, right?


My fix was satisfied!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Unfinished Projects

A to Z Badge 2012 (1)

I’m not one who likes to leave unfinished projects laying around.  That’s not to say that I don’t, mind you, I just don’t like it.

Take for instance the long piece of leftover burlap I had draped over the curtain rod.  I put it up there to see if I’d want to hang it in my living room.  Four months.  I just took it down the other day after four months.  An unfinished project.  (But I think I will do it.)

Another huge unfinished project--taking the carpet out of Grace’s bedroom exposing the hardwood floors.  It needs completely sanded and refinished.  We just haven’t had the time to get it done.  On the bright side, Grace hasn’t woken up with a stuffy nose since we removed the yukky orange shag carpet.

I’ve decided that with smaller projects I set my hand to--repainting the old windows I’m using as a room divider or painting the tire planters for under the front window this summer—I’m not even going to start unless I have all my ducks in a row.

And speaking of unfinished projects:

I am needing to bow out of the A-Z Challenge.  I knew when I started that I would be out of commission the last week, but I thought I’d be able to pull it off with the scheduled posts.  Not so.

I’m leaving you with my VWXYZ.

This has been a VERY fun challenge, but also a, shall I say, challenge?!  I have never posted every day since I started blogging 5 years ago.  It’s been a hiney-kicker for sure! 

I am a WINNER.  I have made new friends and solidified old friendships (you know who you are).

I am eXCITED to continue getting to know you.

Thank YOU for helping me get this blog off the ground.  Thank YOU for gracing me with your kind comments.  Thank YOU. 

ZEE end but not goodbye!


I’m saying my VWXYZ’s here also.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


A to Z Badge 2012 (1)touching hands  I am a toucher.  I can’t just look at something.  I have to touch it.  My sister pointed that out to me one day as we were shopping at the ARC thrift store.  I had never noticed myself doing that, but it’s true.  Even if I am the least bit interested in the item, I will either touch it or pick it up and check it out then put it back.  At a yard sale, I’ll reach out and touch as I’m passing by a table.  

When it comes to physical contact with people, I’d say I’m your average Joe. I’ll hug someone—well not anyone--but it’s not like I can’t live without it hugging.  {But I am not your average Joe when it comes to kissing.  DO NOT KISS ME!  (Fortunately for me, I’m safe here.)  Kissing is reserved for close family and no one else.  Not that I’d smack you or anything…just sayin’.

But back on the subject of touching.  Why the need to touch things?  Maybe it’s not a need per se.  Maybe it’s just a habit. 

Well, nothing to lose sleep over.  Just another one of my idiosyncrasies I guess.

(Ha!  You can tell I’m running out of steam on this challenge.  Thanks for humoring me!)

Have a great week!

My T-word here might be more interesting.


Friday, April 20, 2012


A to Z Badge 2012 (1)

The time I spend in my craft room is enjoyable but budgeted, so I try to use it wisely.

When I begin a project, I like to start with a clean slate.  If I have stuff laying around from another project, I first have to put it away, even if I’m going to use some of the same items.  All the way down to sweeping the floor, even though it’s going to be covered in scraps two seconds later!  I’m weird that way I guess.

If I don’t, I begin to feel too scattered which, in turn, makes it hard for me to focus and get accomplished what I’m trying to create.  It slows me down. 

  Sometimes that even happens in the middle of what I’m doing.  I’m working on an altered book right now for a friend.    So, today everything got put away, except for the project layouts.  Unnecessary paper, paints, scraps are put away.  Floor is swept.  I’ve now got a clean work area, and I’m ready to get back on the project with a fresh room and a fresh mind to create! 

How about you?  Are you a clutter-bug, organized to a fault or somewhere in the middle?


Being Spiritually Scattered is my “S” post on my other blog here.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 3 R’s

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If you’re someone like me who loves to go thrifting, it can be really easy to become a collector of junk or even a hoarder if you’re not careful.  The nice thing for us is that we don’t like clutter—though by the looks of my craft area right now it doesn’t seem that way!

For us, we’ve learned that it’s important to do a periodic recycling run.  We always have a box handy and usually filled up and ready to go by the next time we make a trip to the thrift-store. 

When I’m out thrifting, I try to be selective as to what I buy.  It’s so tempting to buy something because “it’s only a quarter”!  So.tempting.  I’m learning to be honest and ask myself on the spot if I’ll be able to reuse the item, or if it’ll end up in the Good*will box the next time I cull out.  That pretty platter that will come out once a year with a turkey on it?  No.  That set of nice cotton cloth napkins?  Definitely.

Part of repurposing an item, to me, is using it for something other than it was intended.  The revolving spice jar rack now holds my buttons.  The antique tool box turned sideways makes a perfect shelf in my kitchen for my vintage German-labeled spice jars.  That pretty purse my sister gave me hangs on my wall and holds my hot glue and heat gun.   

What are some ways you practice the 3 R’s?

Thanks for stopping by.


I’m also participating here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thrifting etiQuette

A to Z Badge 2012 (1)

I’m using the ‘q’ in etiquette for my Q-word today. 

Have you ever heard of thrifting etiquette?  Something I want to ask rude thrifters, but don’t because I’m such a polite person they may be packing a gun.  Hey, you never know these days!

When we lived in Flagstaff, I’d go yard sale-ing nearly every Saturday.  I enjoyed getting up super early (which is a miracle for me!), hop in the car and go bargain hunting.  I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.  What will I find today?  Sometimes I’d come home with a lot and sometimes a little.  But regardless of what I came home with, I still felt satisfied—unless I got cut short by rain!

What I wasn’t, was rude.  Yes, I would dicker if I felt the item was priced too high for yard sale standards. Sometimes they’d let me have it, sometimes not.  No problem. 

Though I would get up early, I wasn’t an early bird standing on the street with my arms crossed, tapping my toes waiting for the sale to open.  And I definitely didn’t show up knocking on their door an hour before the sale.

Have you ever run into someone like that?  Their only quest is to get something for nothing at someone else’s expense.

There was one such woman with that reputation.  She’d show up the night before the sale wanting to look through the stuff (I know, because she did it to me when I had a yard sale.)  She would pull up in her car dangerously fast and park cockeyed in the street, even leaving her door open, not caring if she was blocking traffic or someone else from trying to leave.  She was just plain rude.  Wanting something for nothing.  

Having thrifting etiquette is waiting your turn.  You wouldn’t go cut the line at the theater or grocery store.  Same goes for yard sales.

Having thrifting etiquette is not leaving while the owner is busy.  It’s called…shoplifting, HELLO!  I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but unfortunately it happens all the time.  And it ticks me off!  It usually happens at the opening of a sale when the crowds are the thickest.  Sometimes they’re working alone.  But the sneaky ones work in pairs.  One distracts while the other walks off with the merchandise.  I’ve made it a point to keep on the lookout while I’m shopping and speak up if I see someone walking away without paying.  I don’t care if they are packing a gun!  ;)

Having thrifting etiquette is simply being polite and kind.  Don’t let your focus be so hard on the object of desire that you offend fellow sale-ers or those holding the sale, because I might just stick my foot out and trip you! nevermind!


Participating in the A-Z Challenge here as well.