Monday, January 30, 2012

I love thrifting

Three words that make me really happy!

I love going into a thrift store not knowing what I will find that will make my heart pitter-patter a little faster.  The element of surprise some call it.  I can honestly say that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. 

100_8345My buttons/spice rack

My husband is more than thrilled that my tastes are thrifty, I’m sure!  Sunny enjoys going with me, though he spends most of his time in the book section.  I don’t know if he’s just humoring me or really enjoys our haunts into the land of cast-offs.


I like to think that this lifestyle has rubbed off on my daughters.  But Chels isn’t big on thrift stores.  Since she mainly looks for clothes, she admits she doesn’t have the patience, especially at Goodwill where the clothes are sorted by color, not size.  I don’t blame her, that’s one of my peeves as well.  But she has told me she looks for bargains anywhere she shops now.  And when she finds one, she always tells me she learned from the best.  Awww! 

100_8923 Long valance $1.00

Grace likes going for the same reason as me—the thrill of the hunt.  She’s managed to collect nearly all of the American Girl books over the last couple of years.  A huge savings!  She also heads over to the baby clothes and has collected enough clothes for her baby dolls and her own baby’s layette someday! 

100_8920Various thrifting finds/or things inherited

Nearly everything in my home has come from thrift stores or garage sales.  Some items have been given to me, and I’ve even been known to *gasp* curb shop.

Just goes to show you—you never have to buy retail!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I would like to formally welcome you to my new blog:

B.E. Creative Co.

You may know me already from my other blog 'It's All Good!' But just in case we haven’t met, I'll introduce myself.

My name is Brenda Eddy. I like to say I live one block west of Main Street in Smalltown, USA (pop. 1200). That's in beautiful Colorado, by the way.  I have been married to Sunny for 30 years. Together we have two wonderful daughters: Chelsie (24) and Grace (10).

The purpose of this blog is to be able to express myself through altered art using an eclectic mix of items as my canvas.  I will also share ideas and pictures of fun and funky thrifting finds I run across and use in either my art pieces or home decor.

I like unique.



I enjoy creating things out of repurposed, recycled or just plain cast-off items. Not necessarily to keep them from the landfill--though I do feel that's important--but it also makes me wonder about the story behind the object. How far has this traveled? Who used it and for what? You know, 'back in the day' kind of stuff. That's what interests me.
rake display
Switching things up is my thing. Hanging vintage utensils from an old chippy rake head, filling an old, blue Ball glass jar with vintage marbles and sticking an antique faucet through the lid, making a pie bird's nest in a vintage hand-cranked meat grinder--these things make me happy.

I hope my blog will be inspiring as well as a launching pad of thoughts and ideas that will hopefully help you realize you can 'create outside the box'.
{If you are interested in having a customized altered photo book made, you can click here or on the tab at the top of this page for examples and more information.}

Feel free to visit my Etsy store, B.E. Creative Co.