Thursday, June 21, 2012

ONE Sale

The biggie of yard sales was last Saturday in Colorado Springs.  It’s called the Old North End yard sale and includes approximately a 10-block radius.  It is located in the historic section just north of downtown.  Bee.u.ti.ful!

I know.  None of these pics are of actual yard sales with tables laden with merchandise waiting for…me.  But I figured if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, right?

I love how the morning shadows of the ornate rod iron fence played on the sidewalk.




One word—serenity.  But you know I can’t just stop at one word.  So…wouldn’t you love to curl up in that chair with a cup of tea (or coffee) and a good book?


My sis.  This was a ‘taking a pic backward and over my head’ shot.  Perfectly, imperfectly blurry.  Again, serene.


Our mom and aunt grew up with their grandparents in this house which was within the radius of the yard sales.  We took advantage of being there to capture these pictures of my sister Reva, oldest brother Jack, and Grace & I.



I’ll save showing my purchases for another post.  I didn’t want pics of what I bought to overshadow the beauty of the day—spending time with my family which not only included Grace and my sister, brother and his wife, but also my aunt and cousins as well as another cousin we’ve recently reconnected with.  I couldn’t ask for nicer day!


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  1. Yes, the pictures were all so peaceful looking. Family - so wonderful!!!


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