Monday, April 16, 2012

Office decor

A to Z Badge 2012 (1)

Sunny’s dad started Eddy Plumbing & Heating in the mid-50’s.  Before that he and a partner were in business together sanding hardwood floors.  (Funny how things have come full circle—hardwood, area rugs, wall-to-wall and back to beautiful hardwood.) 

I enjoy collecting old advertising especially when it is local or family-related, because it tells a story.  The “Sunny” tin isn’t old.  I just like it because that’s the way my husband spells his name. 


Sunny’s grandfather was the insurance salesman here in town.  Pretty cool to have your own engraved leather scissors case!  The wire paper basket was a thrifting find.


Another thrifting find, this old lamp had seen better days.  Rather than rewiring it, I decided to cut off the cord and just use it for decorating purposes.


Check out the three-digit phone number on this thermometer!  I’m picturing a lady at the switchboard chewing bubble gum and listening in on party-line conversations!


Have a great day!


I’m also participating here with a great recipe!

AND…there is something really neat Angie is giving away on her blog. 


  1. Thanks for linking to my give-away, Brenda!

  2. Cool finds! You have an eye for what makes people comfortable in an office, and at home.... stop by my blog if you have a chance, just to say hey. It's a fun challenge, this A-Z thing!

  3. great stuff--haha i remember my grandmother listening in on her party line!

  4. My dad had one of those wire baskets in his Real Estate office. My son Marc now has it at his new home, as well as my father's old solid oak desk. His office # was 616 and our home # was 1520-W. The W because it was a party line. Oh what I have seen in my life time!!!


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