Monday, April 2, 2012

Buttons and Burlap

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I love buttons.  And buttons love me ‘cause they don’t get thrown away around here, especially colorful vintage ones! 


All of my white and mother-of-pearl buttons are rounded up in a thrifted spinning spice rack.


To those of you handy with a sewing machine (that would be you, Reva and Aunt BN!), turn away or cringe!  Here is my attempt at making burlap curtains for our office.  Notice I said making not sewing!  The width of the burlap was exact {thank the Lord!} so the only cutting I had to do was on the ends (don’t look too close, because they are not straight!)  I did fray them and then carefully added the iron-on hem to keep them from fraying any further. 


My saving grace:  clip-on curtain rings!   I was a tad skeptical seeing as the clips are very small, but those puppies have a grip!  Hats off to the person who invented them for having pity on us non-sew-ers!


Thanks for stopping by on your A to Z April Challenge rounds!  I’m also participating on my family blog, It’s All Good!

God bless,



  1. Ohhhh I have a button thing I have all kinds of buttons. I love them and use them alot when I am being crafty - which come to think of it has been
    until next time... nel

  2. That turned out really lets in just the right amount of light! I love buttons, too...and old spools of thread! ♥

  3. Love the burlap curtains!!! You almost made my day by showing how you are re-using the spice rack. I have one of those, and not I must find something very interesting to put in those jars, after I throw out all the old spices, which I need to do. Thank you my clever friend!!!! Any idea's beside buttons?!!!!!!

  4. I now have button envy. So pretty!

  5. I like the spice rack idea. The white buttons look pretty in there.


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