Monday, March 5, 2012

20QTSThing Days 5 & 6

…20 Questions Til Spring Thing…for your chance to enter my surprise giveaway on the first day of Spring!

Day 5:  If you could or had to live in any other country other than our wonderful U.S. of A. where would that be?

Day 6:  Where is your ‘go to’ place for solitude?

My first answer would be Italy.  Grace and I have been studying the European countries this year and, out of all of them so far, Italy seems the most appealing.  Anyone been there?

My ‘go to’ place is a nice little spot in my bedroom where I have prayer time and devotions, do some journaling or just sit and relax.  I also enjoy the solitude found in my daily walks (weather permitting).  It’s peaceful and on my particular route there are no loose dogs to mess with…BUT, I have pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it!…and speaking of solitude—now where was I?!  ;)

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Be blessed today!


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  1. Hi Brenda!
    I 'liked' your Facebook page! I am also a follower of your blog!

  2. If I had to live anywhere other than the US, I'd probably choose Canada...just looks so beautiful there and not too far from HOME! My 'go to' place for solitude would have to be our porch swing below our back deck. I love to sit out there and just clear my mind.

  3. Wow - your questions are making me think!
    I think I agree with April... I might move to the west coast of Canada. Mountains, ocean, and easy travel back to the US. And- maybe people who speak English :)
    My place for solitude is my craft room, when we're home - and anywhere at the cabin. Up there I love to sit and watch the lake, hear the wind in the trees, watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks, and just breathe.

  4. Italy...of course! I've always wanted to travel there and spend time! What a great place to live!
    For solitude, I go to the tv or phone in there...the perfect place to read or write in my journal.

  5. I like warmth and the beach so maybe an island in the Caribbean? Or Mexico?

    I don't really have to look for alone time too often. My husband works long hours and my daughter's not home much these days. I do like to sit on the swing near my fish pond when the weather's nice, though.


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