Friday, March 23, 2012

Zoanna asked

What is your most recent achievement and why?

Ok, Zoanna, at the risk of sounding really cheesy…one of the 20 questions I asked was on rating your computer literacy with my answer being “idiot”.  That being said…

I’ve been working for quite awhile on getting this blog, my Etsy shop and my Facebook page up and running and connected.  Not only doing it, but understanding what I’m doing has been my most recent achievement as well as letting go of the fear of what people might say or think about it and stepping out in confidence.  For instance, I’ve had this blog on private for over a year.  The ‘but I’m still tweaking’ excuse only holds water so long!  I can’t tell you how many times I went to hit ‘publish’ and chickened out.

I hope you weren’t expecting a heavy, deep and real answer!  You did say most recent! 

Thanks Zoanna!

God bless.


  1. Hey, I think figuring out anything techie is an achievement! Bravo. I think I ask my kids more of the same computer questions over and over. My 10 year old just says, "Mom, you gotta think like a computer. It's not that hard." Yeh, right.

  2. I think you've done, and are doing a great job. Thank goodness I have my Marc near by to help me with those things I don't know how to do....for instance, sending you that zipped (I think that's what he called it!!!) file of pictures yesterday.


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