Thursday, March 8, 2012

20QTSThing Question 9

…20 Questions Til Spring Thing…

Day 9 Question:

Message/organization board:  magnetic, chalk, cork or white board?

The only one I have right now is a cork board in the kitchen. 

I do have a perfect cupboard door that would make a great message board painted with chalk paint.  Have any of you worked with chalk paint?

This was a personalized message clipboard I made for my sister with her dog, Myrtle, as the theme.  It was the first personalized one I made.  Under the pad is recycled sheet metal, so if she didn’t want to use the message pad she could use magnets.  Myrtle loves sticks so I thought gluing a ‘fetching’ stick at the bottom made a great pencil shelf.  The tags with her name written out on were inexpensive ones I bought and then tea-dyed.  I enjoy working with torn paper, perfect for this project since Myrtle loves tearing up newspapers…what dog doesn’t?!


And here’s my niece, Myrtle.  The most human-like dog I’ve ever met!

myrtle in corner

Guess what I get to kick off my first day of Spring with?  Jury duty!  March 20.  Oh well, maybe it’ll get cancelled, otherwise I will do my duty!


  1. No message board right now. Most of the time I'm the only one home - so I leave myself notes on the counter :)
    I have thought about it though.
    I do have a grocery list board made out of a tile. You can see it here:
    Have a great day!

  2. Brenda,
    All I use are Post-It notes to keep things jotted down. I have them all over my kitchen table and desk on most days!

  3. The kids are grown so there isn't as much to organize these days. I just have a calender that I write appointments, birthdays and stuff on. I guess you could count the fridge. There is certainly a lot of papers stuck to it. LOL


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