Sunday, March 18, 2012

20QTSThing Question 19

…20 Questions Til Spring Thing…

Only 2 more days and it’s officially Spring!  It got up to an astonishing 84 degrees on Friday.  Very unusual for our part of the country.

Ok, here’s question #19:  Do you like journaling, and if so, by actually writing in a journal or diary, by scrapbooking or through blogging or all of the above?

I enjoy an actual journal I’ve made for myself.  Some of my very private thoughts and prayers are written in it.  I think having something pretty to write in motivates me to write more.  However, I don’t write daily.

{I will post pics of a neat on-going calendar/snippet diary I’m making.  It contains random jots of my day like whether I have jury duty or not!!  I’ll be able to fit 3 years in one book.}

I do really enjoy writing on my blogs (you can click on the tab at the top for my family blog, though posts have been lacking while keeping up with my 20 questions giveaway here!)  I enjoy the camaraderie I’ve found with my blogging friends as well.

Well, one more question to go.  Between you all here and on Facebook I’ve had a wonderful response!  Thank you!

God bless!


  1. I began keeping a journal years ago. Since I started my blog, 5 years ago, it has for the most part replaced my journal but I have a small one that I write important dates, dreams, occurrences in to refer back to. I find writing to be a wonderful way to really "capture" the sometimes random thoughts rolling around in my head and make them more concrete. I of course had scrapbooks/baby books for my 4 children and the years we traveled in our RV I scrap booked and have 12 huge books full. I also have a huge scrapbook of our Hot Air Balloon days.

    OK, Brenda, you've given me yet another idea to blog about from these 20 questions and making me think! Thank you :o)

  2. I have been keeping journals since I was in the 5th grade. My hope chest is filled with them! I have kept journals, also, for both of my girls from the day I found out I was pregnant with them up until now. I plan to give them to my girls when they get married one day. I have 5 blog books right now and am getting ready to publish another one soon.


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