Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diane asked

What is your favorite season?

Why Spring, of course!!!

After contemplating each season--except winter, because that’s definitely at the bottom of my list—I’ve come to the conclusion that each one evokes a unique ‘feeling’, but Springtime brings an added newness and fresh hope that is over-the-top for me.

{In all fairness, I will give winter a shout-out with a quote I remember that says, “For every winter there is a Christmas”.  But, still, I’m glad it’s over!}

Thanks Diane!  btw, Diane also has another blog, Diane’s Dream designs where she offers her really cute handmade wristlets and other cute items for sale.  You’ll just have to head over there and see for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!

It’s All Shed Those Socks & Shave Those Legs Good!




  1. Ooh...I love springtime, too! Ours has been just perfect, so far!

  2. Thanks Brenda for the shout out! I love Springtime...but summer is my favorite season. So far Spring has been very summer like! heehee! I'm making some baby chicks today and hope to have them posted tomorrow. And I have a sweet giveaway if any of your readers wants to enter! Big hugs, my friend!

  3. Me too for spring. Spring here in Tulsa is beautiful because we have a lot of white blooming Bradford Pear trees, and then Red Bud trees, and a lot of azaleas. Yes, Spring in Tulsa is beautiful!!! Now the HOT summer---ugh!


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