Monday, March 12, 2012

20QTSThing Questions 12 & 13

…20 Questions Til Spring Thing…

#12.  What is your most disliked chore on your household list?

On FB, my first answer was mopping, but I later changed it to cleaning the bathtub.  Uggh! 

#13.  My daughter Grace provided this question:  What was your favorite school subject…besides recess! 

Her answer is geography.  We’re currently studying the countries on the European continent.  Right now we’re  in ItaIy.  She really enjoys geography, a possible world traveler someday?

Mine was History—but not the date memorization part.  I was really bad at that and therefore my grades in this subject suffered.  But I did enjoy learning about our forefathers and their lives.  Maybe that’s where my interest in thriftiness and frugality comes from.  They lived more naturally and simply for the most part.

You all have a wonderful week!



  1. Hand's most disliked chore is unloading the dishwasher! It just seems to take so LONG! I don't have time for THAT! ;)

  2. Running the vacumn. for #12
    Math for #13.

  3. most disliked chore - cleaning floors. But that barely beat out dusting and emptying the dishwasher. I much rather work in my craft room than do any household chores!
    My favorite school subject was math.

  4. I was going to say I hate folding the laundry (and I do) but I think you are right, cleaning the tub is worse.

    English was my favorite subject. I loved to read and write. Still do.


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