Wednesday, March 7, 2012

…20 Questions Til Spring Thing…

Remember, my surprise giveaway will be held on none other than the first day of Spring!

What is your decorating style?

I’d have to say mine is an eclectic mix of shabbied up vintage thrifted finds!  Not your one-word answer, I know!

I love peeling paint and dings—see that old chair rung above the coffee mugs?  My sis found that by the river one day and thought of me!  Perfectly chippy which makes me perfectly happy!  Of course, not everything I own has to be chippy.  This wooden tool box turned spice rack belonged to my father-in-law.  The spice jars I found at GW.  The labels are in German!

 We were given five old windows, two were this size and three are long and narrow with 10 panes (I’ll share what I did with those later). I was going to paint and re-shabby this one up, but decided I liked it just the way it was.  I added vellum paper in the panes.

 Thanks again for participating!  Feel free to scroll down and answer any questions you’ve missed.

I love Spring!


(I've been using Live Writer to upload my posts, but for some reason today it's not working for me, so I had upload from here in Blogger.  That being said, I noticed there's an ad link connected to the word 'windows' in my post.  I don't like that, must be a blogger thing which I don't have time to fix right now.  Just sayin'!)


  1. Brenda,
    I'm not so sure that I have a "decorating style" per se. If I do, I certainly don't know that name of it. I've used lots of browns and burgundy shades throughout, but I'm getting ready for a change.

  2. Mine is definitely eclectic...and all over the place! I work lots of nautical things into my home here in Florida, too! ♥

  3. I love the windows - I've been looking for one. I want to have cottage style decorating, but I haven't really followed through with that. I used to like stained wood pieces, trim, etc. but now I'm moving to painted wood everything.

  4. I think mine would be hodge-podge with a leaning toward country. I definitively do not like modern.

  5. Eclectic...If I like it, I get it and then figure out where it's going to fit.


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